Memo to clients - dunnage stamp

November 11, 2011

This memo will inform all participants in the Canadian Wood Packaging Certification Program (CWPCP) of changes to increase the level of service to our clients:

  1. A reminder that CFIA amended Policy Directive D-01-05 to reflect changes made in the revised ISPM No.15 (2009), with respect to the use of a symbol to identify dunnage. In 2009, we advised that your stamp must comply with the new format by January 31, 2013. Prior to this revision, facilities were permitted to identify compliant dunnage with a letter ‘D’ before the treatment code (eg: D-HT) but that notation is no longer permitted WITHIN the border of the mark.  To address industry concerns about the need to distinguish dunnage from other forms of WPM, CFIA will permit facilities to identify their dunnage to include a D, DUN or DUNNAGE OUTSIDE of the IPPC mark, preferably on the lower right side.
  2. That revised standard (approved April 2009) also included regulations on the amount of bark allowed on WPM (D-01-05, Section 6) and new regulations on repaired and remanufactured WPM (D-01-05, Sections 8 & 9). Please ensure that your Quality Manual reflects these changes, to avoid a Non-Conformance on your next CWPCP inspection.
  3. A reminder that your invoice for the 2012 year will be issued on December 1st and is payable by January 5th. Clients who have not paid by that date will be submitted to CFIA for deletion from the list of eligible facilities by mid-January.
  4. The CWPCA will hold its Western Focus meeting in Delta (BC) on Monday 21 November. Keynote speaker will be author Andrew Nikiforuk on the damage from beetles in our boreal forest.  Details and registration forms are available from the office.

We trust that these changes and reminders will support your operations under the CWPCP. We thank you for your suggestions and encourage you to suggest other measures which will allow us to meet your phytosanitary needs.

Should you have any questions about these procedures, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

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