In addition to our role as a service provider and administrator of the HT Program, we also represent our industry on many significant industry committees, including the Canadian Forest Phytosanitary Working Group (CFPWG) and the Canadian Forest Products Advisory Committee (CFPAC).

CWPCA is committed to protecting the interests of the wood packaging industry nationally and around the globe. We monitor North American regulatory affairs closely to inform our members and clients of the potential impacts on their business.


Bilateral Exemption Between Canada and the US

Since the ISPM-15 regulations came into effect in 2006, Canada and the United States have agreed to a bilateral exemption. The US Department of Agriculture has wanted to terminate this exemption since 2010.

As a response, the CWPCA called for long implementation lead-ins and proper administrative details, as well as explaining the implications of the termination to the WPM industry and to Canadian exporters. 

In December 2012, we insisted on a firm date for removal of the exemption to remove the uncertainty that has plagued Canada’s wood packaging industry.

We continue to monitor the situation and will provide updates as developments occur.


For Facilities

As the voice of the Canadian industry, we also advocate on behalf of our members and the industry on issues that might affect them, such as the frequency of inspections and keeping inspection fees as low as possible for certified facilities.

The CWPCA also investigates allegations of compliance violations made against facilities registered with us. For those operating outside the program, we assess the claims for validity and accuracy before passing them on to the CFIA or other service providers.

Information on ISPM 15 certification

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