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ISPM No. 15 Wood Packaging Material Certification Mark

The wood packaging mark shown below (Fig. 1) shall certify that the wood packaging and/or loose wood dunnage material and/or any non-processed wooden articles, that bears these marks have been subjected to approved treatment measures. The mark will comprise the following required components:

1. IPPC Recognized Symbol: the design of the symbol must closely resemble that of the examples below and be placed to the left side of all other components.
2. Country Code: must be the International Organization for Standards (ISO) two-letter country code (indicated as "XX" in Fig. 1) and must be separated by a hyphen from the producer/treatment provider code.
3. Producer/Treatment Provider Code: this is a unique code provided by CFIA (indicated as "00000" in Fig.). The code is five digits in length including "0" at the beginning. This code identifies the facility as a registered facility under the HT Program.
4. Treatment Code: the abbreviation for the specific treatment used (indicated as "YY" in Fig. 1). HT is the code for materials that are heat treated to a minimum temperature of 56°C throughout the profile of the wood (including at its core) for a minimum of 30 minutes. Other treatment types are not approved under the HT Program.


Figure 1 - The above are examples of wood packaging recognized mark formats
The size shape and position of the mark may vary from facility to facility but each mark must be:

1. legible;
2. permanent and not transferable;
3. placed in a visible location and on at least two opposite sides of the article being certified;
4. rectangular or square in shape;
5. border line must be clear and divided by a vertical line separating the IPPC recognized symbol from the other components of the mark;
6. for dunnage material, the mark must be visible on each individual piece.

The mark must not be hand drawn and RED or ORANGE must not be used because these colours are used in the labelling of dangerous goods.
No other information may be contained within the wood packaging certification mark, such as producer trademark, logo of authorizing body, date of treatment or marking to identify dunnage material.

National Plant Protection Organizations of the importing countries may at their discretion request control numbers or other information used for identifying specific lots provided it is not confusing, misleading, or deceptive.

The wood packaging certification mark may only be applied by wood packaging facilities or treatment facilities approved by the CFIA and operating under the HT Program.

Due to the importance of the mark and its recognition as a legal document, a facility will be issued a major non-conformance for lack of visibility or legibility of the stamp, or if the stamp uses a non-conforming format.

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