Registrants for 2024 AGM

Here are those who have registered for the 2024 AGM so far:

  • Acera Insurance, Will Downing
  • Advance Lumber & Pallet, Sukhi Brar
  • Alberta Pallet, Mark Pagenkopf
  • Bissett Fasteners, Bill Kinchen
  • Bissett Fasteners, Lewis Kinvig
  • Boscus Canada Inc., Christian Provost
  • Boscus Canada Inc., JP Bolduc
  • BP Wood, Chad Ziegler
  • Butler & Baird, Jeff Butler
  • Butler & Baird, Marla Katz
  • Calgary Pallet, Sean Meston
  • Canada Fastening Corporation, Mike Wang
  • Canada Fastening Corporation, Jeremy Bavaro
  • Canada Fastening Corporation, Chantelle Hughes
  • Canadian Wood Products, Vincent Piche
  • Canadian Wood Products, Renee-Claude Paquet
  • Carter Forest Products, Steve Close
  • Central Alberta Pallet Supply, Paul DenOudsten
  • CHEP, Mahmoud Derakhshandeh
  • CHEP Canada, Chris Portwood
  • Corporate Mentalist, Eric Samuels
  • CWPCA, Scott Geffros
  • CWPCA, Lori Devlin
  • CWPCA, Nancy St-Denis
  • Enviro Pallet Recovery Buy & Sell, Dilawar Sandhu
  • Enviro Pallet Recovery Buy & Sell, M Sandhu
  • Enviro Pallet Recovery Buy & Sell, Sunny Kandola
  • Fabrication PFL Inc., Frederic Laliberte
  • Fabrication PFL Inc., Josee Pelletier
  • Groupe Savoie, Marco Turcotte
  • H & H Wood Products, Henry Wall
  • H & H Wood Products, Henry Wall, Jr.
  • H & H Wood Products, Pete Wall
  • Industrial Reporting Inc., Chaille Brindley
  • Kevco Packaging Inc., Debbie Drewett
  • Kevco Packaging Inc., John Mullaly 
  • Mayfair Lumber Sales, Dave Reiben
  • Niagara Pallet, Wynand Voigt
  • Niagara Pallet, Therine Voigt
  • Nicholson & Cates, Mike Andrew
  • NWPCA, Brent McClendon
  • Pacific Pallet Ltd., Mani Sharma
  • Pacific Pallet Ltd., Tesh Sharma
  • Pacific Pallet Ltd., Sam Sharma
  • Pacific Pallet Ltd., Garry Sharma
  • Pallet Depot, Trent Milner
  • Pallet Machinery Group, Gregg Wine
  • Pallet Machinery Group, Diana Wine
  • Panther Industries, Clayton Schneider
  • PECO Pallet, Edward Anderson
  • PECO Pallet, Gary Pawlik
  • Pioneer Pallet, Dave Uppal
  • Shur-Fast Fasteners, Joe Carbone
  • Shur-Fast Fasteners, Liette Legris 
  • Stillwater IT, Paul Tomkinson
  • Stlllwater IT, Sean Hiebert
  • St. Boniface Pallet, Rob Anderson
  • Sun Pac Pallets, Sadiq Al-Ali
  • Sun Pac Pallets, Hussein Al-Hussaini
  • Universal Pallets Manufacturing Ltd, Ranko Miljevic
  • Universal Pallets Manufacturing Ltd, Mary Ma
  • Weston Forest Products, Vic Ulgiati
  • Weston Forest Products, Linda Ulgiati
  • Woodbridge Pallet, Ryan Scobie
  • Woodsure Insurance Protection, Connie Rowley

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