Why Does Sustainability Matter?

Sustainability maintains harmony between humans and nature. Simply put, it means conserving our resources for present and future generations. We define sustainability as including people, their working environment, and the natural environment.

Wood as a natural resource is a sustainable choice for many reasons. It requires less energy to produce than most commonly-used building materials and possesses a negative carbon footprint.

Because the wood packaging industry uses downfall lumber, it makes good use of every part of a harvested tree – a highly efficient model of resource management.

In conjunction with our global industry partners, we are championing the benefits of using wood packaging materials as the sustainable solution for moving goods to market, and make it a priority to keep improving our practices.


Nature’s Packaging: Promoting The Sustainable Way

One of the ways in which we promote the use of wood-based packaging and pallets to users seeking sustainable, responsible and economical solutions is through the Nature’s Packaging initiative.

Nature’s Packaging’s vision: For the expanded use of wood packaging to improve the environment while delivering the growing needs of global distribution.

Mission statement: Increase the use of wooden packaging through educating and informing customers, packaging specialists and packaging students of wood’s environmental benefits

Thanks to our involvement in Nature’s Packaging, we now also hold a seat in the US based Pallet Foundation, which administers funds and resources to support the wood packaging industry and provide education across North America.


Learn more about Nature's packaging



An Environmental Product Declaration For Wood Packaging

Wood’s strong environmental credentials have been captured in various Life-Cycle Assessment studies and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD).

To compare wood pallets more specifically with those made of other material in a standardized format, the CWPCA and its US counterparts the NWPCA are currently working collaboratively to prepare an EPD for wood packaging in North America.

Environmental indicators are being calculated by applying a Life Cycle Assessment approach to the average product from a “cradle to grave” perspective. This will make it easier for users to compare the impact of various solutions on the environment and make an informed choice.

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