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Who we are

The Canadian Wood Pallet and Container Association has been the voice of the wood packaging industry since 1968.

Our association is built on strong, professional relationships with private-sector industry businesses as well as government departments tasked at regulating our industry.

The CWPCA’s objective is to actively protect Canadian interests globally and support our members by sharing tools and information that protect and promote the wood packaging industry. We do this by connecting members to important industry-related information at the regional, national and international level.

We offer member-driven educational and support programs throughout the year. We help members succeed and overcome challenges by developing networks, forums and events focused on issues that collectively affect our industry.


What we do

Over the years, we have developed a persuasive and compelling voice on domestic and international issues pertaining to wood packaging, such as supporting industry practices within regulatory affairs  and promoting the sustainable nature of our business and products.

Strategically located in Ottawa, our office assists more than 160 members and 470 registered facilities spread across Canada while building and maintaining strong government relations.

We provide assistance and statistical information on issues such as lumber pricing and availability, health and safety, foreign import requirements and also act as a conduit for coast to coast communications and networking within the Canadian and global Wood Packaging industry.

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T. 613.521.6468 or 1.877.224.3555 F. 866.375.1835
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