How Does

Certification Work?

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has legal authority to ensure that ISPM-15 is respected in Canada, through the HT Program.

CWPCA’s commitment to the well-being of not only the domestic wood packaging industry, but phytosanitary responsibility has led to us being selected by the CFIA to provide the inspection services required for eligible participants in the HT program.

Our position of supporting the Canadian wood packaging industry gives us the ability to offer coast to coast professional inspection services for standardized fees all aimed to allow for facilities of every size to be certified economically.

If your company is interested in getting certified, we are your go to contact for inquiries regarding the HT Program. With over 450 registered clients and a dedicated focus specifically on the needs of wood packaging producers, the CWPCA is in a unique position to provide expert advice on ISPM-15 certification and best practices to you.  

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Once a facility has completed the HT Program’s application process, it is assigned a facility number which is incorporated into a stamp that is applied to all WPM Industry.

There are numerous factors in choosing a stamp, the most important being legibility and durability in an accepted format. We would be pleased to provide background on these factors and a list of leading stamp manufacturers for your consideration.

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What Does Certification Involve? 

Certification requires the maintenance of a Quality Manual based on phytosanitary standards, adhering to strict controls and regular inspections of your facility by impartial third-party inspectors. In case of non-conformances or failure to comply, corrective actions will be required. These fall into 3 categories: major, minor and observations.

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