Implementation of the ISPM 15 between CA and US

January 2, 2013

CA and the US have agreed upon the implementation of the ISPM-15: Regulations for WPM in international trade for wood packaging produced and moving between CA and the US. The specific date of full implementation of requirements has not been established; however, the US has indicated that its Final Rule on implementation of ISPM-15 between both countries is not expected to be published before 2013. Once publication of the Final Rule is complete, an implementation date will be jointly confirmed by CFIA and USDA. Based on the anticipated timing of the publication of the Final Rule, full implementation of ISPM-15 for CA or US origin WPM will not occur prior to January 2015. The US and CA have agreed to provide industry with a minimum of a 12 month phase-in period of “informed compliance” prior to full implementation.  CFIA is committed to providing current information regarding this issue and will continue to notify industry of the status of the exemption removal.

Source: Plant Biosecurity and Forestry Division | Forest Resource Protection | Canadian Food Inspection Agency

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