Canadian Wood Pallet and Container Association Announces a Three Year Agreement with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency

July 9, 2013
After twelve months of industry consultations the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is finalizing a new policy directive, D-13-01, entitled Canadian Heat Treated Wood Products Certification Program (HT program).  
This new policy directive combines two previous programs; the Canadian Heat Treated Wood Packaging Certification Program (CHTWPCP) and the Canadian Wood Packaging Certification Program (CWPCP) into one program under the name Canadian Heat Treated Wood Products Certification Program (CHTWCP) or more commonly referred to as the Heat Treatment (HT) program.
This new phytosanitary certification program administered by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is the sole certification system for all facilities in Canada wishing to produce wood packaging material in accordance with the provisions of International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM).
Under this new directive the CFIA has issued a Third Party Oversight Agreement to the Canadian Wood Pallet & Container Association, which was signed on May 31st. The new agreement has number important features.
  • The agreement covers a three year timeframe until 2016 which provides a solid platform for new investments in technology and service delivery programs
  • The Canadian Wood Packaging Certification Program (CWPCP) retains its program name for recognition and marketing purposes 
  • The new agreement provides for an enhanced role of the Third Party Auditor in completing the evaluation of prospective facilities operations and the approval process to become registered facilities.
For the 468 registered facilities under the CWPCP program across Canada this is welcomed news in that it ensures that the program staff and inspectors they have come to rely on for up-to-date information on compliance measures and the quality management systems they have  established in their own operations to ensure their customers are supplied with properly certified wood packaging will remain in place. 
This new agreement significantly strengthens the image of the Canadian wood packaging industry both in Canada and around the world in its important role of facilitating Canadian exports using forestry products and preventing the spread of regulated pests in the global marketplace. 

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