Three easy ways CWPCA resources can boost your business

October 1, 2018

Have you ever wondered if you are getting all you can out of your membership? How can the CWPCA help me grow my business or improve my bottom line?  Here are a few tips regarding some member resources available to you. 

1. Complete your member profile and allow people to find you in search results
Do you know how many people visited our website during the last twelve months? 13,791. Do you know how many of those are new users (i.e. not members)? 89%. Do you want to know how many times people searched for a supplier? 1,114 times.  If your profile is not complete, those 1,114 searchers cannot find you. 

Out of 160 members, only 61% of manufacturers and 52% of associates have completed their profiles and show up in search results. Now if you are not looking for more opportunities to quote potential clients, then this feature is not for you, and that is your prerogative. But, if you are looking for an inexpensive (free) way of increasing your customer prospects, you should fill out your member profile on 

How do you go about doing that? Glad you asked. You just have to follow these quick steps, which shouldn’t take you more than a couple minutes:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Member Login (top right corner)
  3. Enter your login information (if you don’t know it, contact the CWPCA office) and click Login
  4. Click on My account (top right corner)
  5. Scroll down to review and update your profile. In Section C, ensure you select all the appropriate choices and click Save.

Voila! You just opened your door to new business opportunities!

2. Use the classifieds
They’re free! If you have equipment to sell or you’re looking for something specific, why not send us a classified ad to post in the newsletter and on the website.  In recent months CWPCA classifieds have worked for numerous members who have been able to connect and make deals.

3. Attend CWPCA meetings
“Why would I want to get in a room full of my competitors to learn stuff I may not find interesting?” you may ask yourself. The answer: CWPCA meetings provide opportunities for attendees to not only take away something positive or useful from the subject matter presented, but more than that, the opportunity to network.  Growing attendance at recent meetings and many new faces in the crowd are creating new opportunities for attendees to not only connect and learn about what is new in the marketplace but to forge new business ties.  We are seeing many new partnerships form between manufacturers looking to supply wood packaging users across Canada. Don’t believe us? Ask around. 

The next meeting on the schedule for the CWPCA will be in Victoria B.C., June 7-9 2019 and we hope to see many of you in attendance.

The value of membership can only be realized if you use the resources available to you.  We want you all to take advantage of what the CWPCA has to offer.  Remember, we are here for you, our members, and love hearing from you.  Have a question, or issue?  A suggestion for us?  Please feel free to reach out any time.  


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