Summer is here and it’s hot. Looks like the fall is going to pot.

July 1, 2018

After getting through the long weekend and the Ontario heat wave one thing is for sure; summer is here! Just a friendly reminder to you all to make sure that your hot weather policies are put into practice.  Remind your staff to stay hydrated and allow them some “cool down time” to keep them healthy and safe.   The following links by province will provide you with some resources to ensure that you understand your responsibility to your workers.

  • Alberta: Best Practice Working Safely in the Heat and Cold:
  • British Columbia: OHS Guidelines:
  • Manitoba: The Workplace Safety And Health Act:
  • New Brunswick: Occupational Health and Safety Act:
  • Newfoundland: Occupational Health and Safety Regulations:
  • Nova Scotia:  Heat Stress:
  • Ontario: Health and Safety Guidelines:
  • Quebec: Regulation Respecting Occupational Health and Safety:
  • Saskatchewan: Working Under Hot Conditions:

In other news, as I am sure you are aware, Canada is legalizing recreational marijuana. Regardless of how you feel about this on a personal level, you must take some time and research how this will impact your business, and your HR policies.  There are many areas of concern associated with the new legislation, and you will have to take the appropriate steps to ensure that your Health and Safety and Employment Conditions policies are adjusted to reflect the new rules.  We have partnered with a group that can help you with these things and are pleased to announce that we will be holding a webinar in early August for our members aimed at helping you get ready for cannabis legalization.  We are also pleased to feature an article in this issue to give you a feel for what you can expect this fall.  Details about the webinar will be sent out by email, and we hope that as many of you as possible will attend.

Speaking of attendance, at the time of writing this, INTERPAL attendance has jumped to over 400 delegates, and we are fast approaching meeting our attendance goals.  We strongly urge you to sign up for INTERPAL, the NWPCA Fall plant tours, and CWPCA Annual General meeting today to ensure your place at the can’t miss event of the year for wood packaging professionals.  If you are in need of more details, please contact the office!

Last but not least, as many of you will be embarking on some much-needed summer holidays over the next while, please stay safe and enjoy your summer.


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