New CWPCP electronic inspection process

February 11, 2014
In an effort to streamline our inspection process, we have transitioned from paper to electronic inspection reports. Our inspectors now have handheld tablets, which allow them to complete and submit the report electronically. 
The electronic report allows the inspector to verify contact information and select the activities specific to the facility. Non-conformances issued during the inspection will show on the inspection report, and a separate report will be used to close the non-conformance. The tablet gives the option of taking photos, providing evidence for things such as visibility of the stamp or identification of lumber. You will be asked to sign the report directly on the tablet. When submitted, a copy of the report is automatically emailed to you and your inspector. For facilities with no email, a copy will be sent to the CWPCA office and subsequently faxed or mailed to you. There may be a delay in receiving a copy as the report can only be submitted when there is access to the internet (WiFi). 
There are multiple provisions in place for the protection of the data collected with these electronic reports. Access is protected by a password assigned to staff and inspectors. Each user only has access to the documents and information they require. The database where the information is stored is also protected. 
Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Stephanie, our Program Coordinator, at or 877-224-3555, ext. 203.

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