Interpal/AGM Highlights

September 3, 2018

INTERPAL can be described simply as a huge success.  Over 620 delegates from around the globe spent three days networking, touring plants, cruising around the exhibit hall, and hearing from several amazing speakers and panelists on a variety of subjects.  For myself, it meant keeping up with a hectic schedule, meeting SO many people not only from our membership, but from around the globe, and participating in meetings and on committees, all geared to the betterment of the wood packaging industry.

One of these committee meetings I make mention of was that of the Global Pallet Forum (GPF).  I learned more than a few things throughout the entire event, but one of my most significant takeaways came from the GPF meeting.  Whether your business operates in Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Canada, or any other of the many countries represented in the group, wood packaging professionals around the globe really are much the same.  Sure, you all operate in different political and economic environments, but many of the day to day realities that one may think is unique to an individual are common amongst the group.  Having representatives from the global wood packaging community assembled in one location provides an opportunity for us to know that we are not alone in our challenges. It provides a forum for open discussion on ways that the global industry can work together, learn from one another, and support one another.  The CWPCA, along with its two industry representatives Paul Simpson (Pallet Renew), and Sukhi Brar (Advanced Pallet and Crate), look forward to our continued participation on the GPF.  We are happy to announce that the Global Pallet Forum will be launching a website very soon. Our growing group of wood packaging industry representatives will continue to keep the lines of communication open, and strive to learn from one another about the climate of the industry globally, and how developments in other parts of the world may affect the way we do things in our country.

AGM 2018

As part of the activities in Minneapolis, the CWPCA and its member representatives took a little time out from the INTERPAL event and got together for the evening to connect, dine, review the highlights of the year, and hold our mandatory annual business session.  Almost 70 individuals, representing companies in Nfld, NS, NB, QC, ON, MB, SK, AB, and BC, as well as the USA, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, and Italy participated in the CWPCA dinner reception.  The business session was kept short and after hearing some words from our President, Jason Wheeler, we held the elections for this years’ Board of Directors.  Once the votes were tabulated, the following individuals were elected to serve the BoD for the next two years:

  • Rob Anderson, St. Boniface Pallet
  • Sukhi Brar, Advance Pallet and Crate
  • Herman Long, Scotia Pallet
  • Sean Meston, Calgary Pallet
  • Ryan Scobie, Woodbridge Pallet
  • Marco Turcotte, Groupe Savoie
  • Vic Ulgiati, Weston Forest Products
  • Fred Vrugteveen, Niagara Pallet

I look forward to working with these individuals, as well as the rest of our returning Board members in the year to come.

The AGM session concluded with the announcement of the location for next year’s meeting which will be in beautiful Victoria, BC, June 7-9 2019.  Judging from the response in the room (and subsequently the buzz around the rest of INTERPAL), we look forward to making next year’s AGM one to remember!  Please watch your inboxes, and upcoming issues of Bark Bits for registration and event details.

Co-hosting INTERPAL with the NWPCA was certainly a huge highlight for the CWPCA and it really served to further unite our two Associations.  I commend all of the staff and member volunteers from both the CWPCA and NWPCA who worked tirelessly at putting INTERPAL together and executed an organized, well-run event.  I look forward to the next INTERPAL meeting in four years’ time, and in the interim, continuing to build the Global Pallet Forum, and maintaining the strong relationship with our friends at the NWPCA. 



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