Implementation of D-13-01

August 1, 2015


D-13-01, the new policy directive has now been implemented. It is designed to modernize and remove the complexities associated with the previous certification program directives - D-03-02 for the Canadian Heat Treated Wood Products Certification Program (CHTWPCP) as well as D-01-05 and QSM-02 for the Canadian Wood Packaging Certification Program (CWPCP).

Registered facilities should be aware of the following points:

  • The CWPCP and CHTWPCP have been merged to form the Canadian Heat Treated Wood Products Certification Program (HT Program), governed by D-13-01
  • The list of registered facilities will no longer be maintained on the CFIA website. Lists of registered facilities will be maintained by the Third Party Auditors on their respective websites to bring the practice in line with international standards. Click here to see the list on our website.
  • The CFIA has placed more emphasis on approved Third Party Auditors for verification of the practices of registered facilities. The CFIA now has a more focused role of oversight of the Third Party Auditors.

Frequency of inspections

Audit frequencies for registered facilities, as stated in Appendix 4 of D-13-01, will not be implemented until January 1, 2016. The new frequency is as follows: 

Audit Frequencies For Existing Registered Facilities 

  • Existing facilities with heat treating capabilities will be increased from four (4) to six (6) audits per year (bimonthly). Facilities that added a kiln within the last three years will be inspected at the higher frequency of twelve (12) audits per year until they reach their three year anniversary, after which they will follow the bi-monthly schedule. Facilities who have added kilns after Jan 2013 will be contacted shortly with the number of inspections required for the next few years.
  • Existing facilities without heat treating capabilities will have audits increased from two (2) to three (3) audits per year. 

Audit Frequencies For New Registered Facilities 

  • New facilities with heat treating capabilities will be audited at twelve (12) audits per year. After three years of proven compliance the audit frequency will drop down to six (6) audits per year. The extended probationary period is due to the higher risk associated with this process.
  • New facilities without heat treating capabilities will be audited at six (6) audits per year. After one year of proven compliance the audit frequency will be reduced to three (3) audits per year.


Major Non-Conformances are viewed as critical to program integrity. Third Party Auditors now have the discretion to revert a facility to probationary status at a higher audit frequency if the infraction is serious in nature and could damage the integrity of the heat treat program.

Other changes

Quality manuals

Changes to the Quality Manuals at each registered facility are not required.


We make the distinction between partially assembled packaging (e.g. knock down crates) and completely unassembled packaging (e.g. kits). There are concerns about a potential to misuse the components of completely unassembled packaging sold to customers who are not registered under the certification program. 

Therefore oversight restrictions were established on the production and distribution of unassembled wood packaging whereby they are limited to two times per year and must have clear instructions for assembly (see D-13-01 Appendix 5). 

Please note this does not apply to what is known as knock-down crates and reels which have been partially assembled as a finished product and are collapsed for shipping purposes.

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