Registrants for 2018 Interpal/AGM

CWPCA members who have registered so far include: 

  • Melvin Adams (A & P Manufacturing Ltd.)
  • Kimberly Adams (A & P Manufacturing Ltd.)
  • Rob Anderson (St. Boniface Pallet Company)
  • Dany Arsenault (CWP Industrial)
  • Ron Auchey (Pendu Manufacturing, Inc.)
  • Philip Baranski (Barco Material Handling Ltd.)
  • Robert Baranski (Barco Material Handling Ltd.)
  • Sean Baranski (Barco Material Handling Ltd.)
  • Darren Bergstrom (Viking Engineering)
  • Craig Bezuidenhout (City Pallets Inc)
  • Jeremy Bloemberg (Shur-way Group)
  • Nik Bojovic (City Pallets Inc)
  • Martin Boutet (LCN)
  • Sukhi Brar (Advance Lumber & Pallet)
  • Joe Carbone (Bostitch Industrial)
  • Penn Cooper (Spec Wood and Marketing Solutions)
  • Bob Coplea (PRS Group)
  • Stephan Courschene (L.H. Plante)
  • Janna Craig (Corali-USA)
  • Mario Cucciari (Storti SpA)
  • Derek Daly (Bissett Fasteners)
  • Chip Dauber (Ongweoweh)
  • Andrew Dirienzo (Corali-USA)
  • Scott Ellefson (Viking Engineering)
  • Randy Ellington (Ongweoweh)
  • David Hammons (Ongweoweh Corporation)
  • Stephan Harms (Pacific Pallet Ltd.)
  • Felix Harpin (Spec Wood and Marketing Solutions)
  • Rene Harpin (Spec Wood and Marketing Solutions)
  • Scott Harrington (Rotochopper, Inc.)
  • Sjoerd Heuse (Southeast Pallet & Wood Pallets)
  • Scott Hughes (Hupaco)
  • Michael Hundt (Rotochopper)
  • Wilmer Hurst (Pendu Manufacturing, Inc.)
  • Darcy Jendro (Viking Engineering)
  • Jeff Jensen (Corali-USA)
  • Aulis Joentakanen (IMH Machinery)
  • Dustin Johnson (Corali-USA)
  • Evan Karlewicz (Pallet Machinery Group)
  • Kurt Larsen (Viking Engineering)
  • Steve Leonard (Oxford Pallet)
  • Jonathan Levesque (Groupe Savoie)
  • Herman Long (Scotia Pallets Ltd)
  • Matthew McGowan (Timber Products Inspection (TP))
  • Sherri McGowan (Timber Products Inspection (TP))
  • Jon Meyers (Viking Engineering)
  • Alan Miceli (Innovative Data Systems, Inc.)
  • Joan Montague (Viking Engineering)
  • Diego Nicoli (Corali-USA)
  • Maryse Pariseau (Herwood, Inc.)
  • Giovani Perini (Corali-USA)
  • Vincent Piché (CWP Industrial)
  • Steve Pieper (Rotochopper)
  • Marc-André Pineault (Groupe Savoie)
  • Alex Reinhardt (All-Fab Packaging Solutions)
  • Jeff Riddle (PRS Group)
  • Ryan Scobie (Woodbridge Pallet Limited)
  • Paul Simpson (Pallet Renew)
  • Bryan Thornton (Viking Engineering)
  • Simon Trillwood (Topax Protektive Packaging)
  • Marco Turcotte (Groupe Savoie)
  • Victor Ulgiati (Weston Forest)
  • Linda Ulgiati (Weston Forest)
  • Dave Uppal (Pioneer Pallet & Lumber)
  • Martin VanDenack (Industrial Resources)
  • Fred Vrugteveen (Niagara Pallet & Recyclers Ltd.)
  • Henk Vrugteveen (Oxford Pallet)
  • Mike Vrugteveen (Niagara Pallet & Recyclers Ltd.)
  • Henryjr Wall (H&H Wood Products)
  • Tina Wall (H&H Wood Products)
  • Henry Wall (H&H Wood Products)
  • Susie Wall (H&H Wood Products)
  • Robert Weber (Willow Brae Pallets)
  • Cheryl Weber (Willow Brae Pallets)
  • Dan Whalen (Viking Engineering)
  • Jason Wheeler (Herwood, Inc.)
  • Jeff Williams (PRS Group)
  • Lori Williams (PRS Group)
  • Greg Wine (Pallet Machinery Group)
  • Bobby Woods (Viking Engineering)

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