Registrants for 2019 AGM

Attendees so far include: 

  • Rob Anderson (St. Boniface Pallet)
  • Dany Arsenault (Canadian Wood Products)
  • Philip Baranski (Barco Material Handling Ltd)
  • Gaetan Bouchard (T.L.B. Forest Products Inc.)
  • Olivier Bouchard (T.L.B. Forest Products Inc.) 
  • Martin Boutet (LCN)
  • Rajinder Brar (Advance Lumber)
  • Sukhi Brar (Advance Lumber)
  • Jeff Butler (Butler & Baird)
  • Joe Carbone (Bostitch Industrial)
  • Daniel Cousineau (CHEP)
  • Derek Daly (Bissett Fasteners)
  • Dean Dasovic (Bissett Fasteners)
  • Daniel Gormley (CHEP)
  • Taranjot Grewal (Enviro Pallet and Recovery)
  • Doug Hunter (Advance Lumber)
  • Tim Jacob (Mayfair Lumber)
  • Sundeep Kandola (Enviro Pallet and Recovery)
  • Rick LeBlanc (Writing the Supply Chain)
  • Herman Long (Scotia Pallets)
  • Matt McGowan (Timber Products Inspection)
  • Sheri McGowan (Timber Products Inspection)
  • Don McMurray (Silvaris)
  • Sean Meston (Calgary Pallet)
  • Andrea Montey (American Pallet, Inc)
  • Markus Pagenkopf (Alberta Pallet)
  • Renée-Claude Paquet (Canadian Wood Products)
  • Maryse Pariseau (Herwood Inc)
  • Vincent Piché (Canadian Wood Products)
  • Kyle Roseneck (Taurus Craco)
  • Connie Rowley (Woodsure Insurance Protection)
  • Dilawar Sandhu (Enviro Pallet and Recovery)
  • Ryan Scobie (Woodbridge Pallet)
  • Paul Simpson (Pallet Renew)
  • Cummins Starner & spouse (Roy's Woodshop Ltd)
  • Lloyd Suderman & spouse (Roy's Woodshop Ltd)
  • Dave Sweitzer (Western Pallet Association)
  • Simon Trillwood (Topax Protektive Packaging)
  • Marco Turcotte (Groupe Savoie)
  • Linda Ulgiati (Weston Forest)
  • Vic Ulgiati (Weston Forest)
  • Dave Uppal (Pioneer Pallet & Lumber Ltd)
  • Beatrice Vasquez (Oxnard Pallet Company)
  • Elias Vasquez (Oxnard Pallet Company)
  • Lisa Vegso (PECO Pallet Canada, Inc)
  • Fred Vrugteveen (Niagara Pallet)
  • Henry Wall (H & H Wood Products Inc)
  • Henry Wall, Jr (H & H Wood Products Inc)
  • Susie Wall (H & H Wood Products Inc)
  • Tina Wall (H & H Wood Products)
  • Bradly Wheeler (Herwood Inc)
  • Brent Wheeler (Herwood Inc)
  • Jason Wheeler (Herwood Inc)

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